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The same great instructor led training – delivered a bit differently!

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Sometimes, attending a training class in person just isn’t possible.  It might not be available in your city.  Or in the current COVID-19 situation, you may not be able to attend.

Well, the world doesn’t have to stop.  Training is essential if people and organisations are to progress. With Live Virtual Attendance, you don’t have to miss out. 

Select ALC classes are available for Virtual Attendance. All you need is a computer and a good internet connection.

What is the difference between Virtual and Online training?

Virtual and Online training both require you to have a PC (or comparable device) to log in to the course.  So both are screen-based. That’s where the similarity ends. Online in this context refers to a “canned” course – it is recorded either as a video or as software. There is no interactivity.

Virtual on the other hand refers to a live course. It is not recorded. Rather, it is the normal training situation that you have always been used to – the instructor is there presenting in real time, and there may also be other participants physically there. The only difference is that you are joining the class via the internet!

Virtual Attendance is a well-established and proven delivery method.  It is not like a webinar where you are a passive viewer. The technology is designed to allow you to be an active member of the class – to interact with the instructor and also with the other participants.

ALC’s trainers have undergone specific training so as to be able to deliver virtually. Our trainers also equipped with and incorporating new digital tools to enhance the virtual experience – to be able to run group exercises and workshops virtually. Given the current COVID-19 situation and restrictions on face-to-face learning, most people are very pleasantly surprised. If you

How do I enrol in a Virtual Attendance class

Exactly the same way as for any other course. Just click the link to see our Virtual Attendance Class Schedule (or if you are already on the Schedule page, select Virtual Attendance on the City pulldown). Then enrol in your class of choice. We will send you a confirmation email and full joining instructions.

Our Guarantee

If you find that the experience doesn't match your expectations, just let us know by the end of Day 1 and we will provide you with a full transfer to the next classroom course or else refund your course fee (the only deduction will be for the cost of any textbooks or course materials that you have received and wish to retain).

Any questions please contact our customer service team 0800 540 161 or email us, we will be happy to help.