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Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP®)

Master the essential skills and knowledge of BRMP

Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP®) is a world-class professional development program designed to provide a solid baseline level knowledge of Business Relationship Management.

It embodies a set of competencies to foster an effective business value-producing relationship between a service provider and its business partners. These competencies can be leveraged through:

  • organisational roles (e.g. in an IT organisation, the CIO typically has a role of BRM for the enterprise)
  • a discipline (e.g. all business partner facing service provider roles should be skilled in Business Relationship Management)
  • an organisational capability (e.g. a service provider organisation should be effective in shaping and channeling demand to the highest business value opportunities)

BRM’s focus is on increasing the value proposition of services and reducing the perennial challenge of the gap between ‘the business needs’ and that of service provision (often referred to as the ‘Alignment Challenge’). As the gap reduces through the skills of the BRM so the value to the business increases and value leakage slows.

The BRM Role therefore is a crucial link between a service provider and the business acting as a connector, orchestrator and navigator between the service provider and one or more business units.

ALC’s course on Business Relationship Management is fully accredited by APMG in association with Business Relationship Management Institute (BRMI), the world leading go-to source of up-to-date BRM knowledge and practices and the forum to exchange ideas with other BRM practitioners in the field.

Now you can master the
essential skills and knowledge of BRMP
with ALC’s powerful 3-day accredited course.



The BRM Discipline rests on solid research-based foundations verified and enhanced over a decade of successful implementations in leading organisations across the world. Proven to be equally effective for shared services including Human Resources, Finance, Legal, external service providers and others, BRM practices have enjoyed widespread adaption in IT. BRM implementations rate in IT services has quickened significantly, since 2011, when the BRM role and corresponding processes have been formalized as an Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) best practice and an ISO/IEC 20000 IT Service Management international standard requirement.

Business Relationship Management Institute (BRMI) is a leading non-profit corporation that serves the Business Relationship Management professional community by providing membership, certification and professional development to help maximise Business Relationship Management capability in organisations. BRMI is the go-to source of up-to-date BRM knowledge and leading practices and the forum to exchange ideas with other practitioners in the field.

BRMI has partnered with APMG-International, a global leader in accreditation and certification services, to promote wider adoption of world-class Business Relationship Management training and facilitate widespread availability of BRMI professional certifications. APMG-International, which is responsible for facilitating the delivery of Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP) training and certification, works in partnership with over 250 training companies worldwide. Its Accredited Training organisations have undergone the most rigorous assessment process in the industry. APMG-International examinations are available globally and it works with 21 languages.

ALC Group is fully accredited by APMG to deliver BRMI certification training.


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Business Relationship Management
 “…As the gap reduces through the skills of the BRM so the value to the business increases and value leakage slows…”

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"Very effective and relevant course. A huge resource of information and processes that align closely to my current BRM role."

Senior Business Engagement Manager , Govt Dept


"The course more than met my expectations. The trainer was excellent and communicated very well. The course covered all aspects of BRM and is very useful to my current job as Business Relationship Manager. I will recommend this course and trainer for anyone who is interested in BRM." Business Engagement Manager, Govt Dept


"I recently had the pleasure of undertaking BRMP training facilitated by Darren Dove. I have provided the following testimonial I feel is indicative of a truly pleasurable experience, well worth while!

Darren's passion for the subject matter is clearly evident and translates to an insightful and collaborative environment conducive to effective learning. Darren combines his experience and knowledge of related and unrelated BOK frameworks to clearly articulate points of difference in a manner which enhances one's ability to grasp relevant concepts of BRM. Darren's method and style in delivery has been a refreshing and welcome experience that instills a confidence to embark on the journey of positive provider-partner engagement strategies, with a vision to ultimately enable effective business transformation."

Senior Business Engagement Manager, Energy Utility
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