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Facilition Certificate - Foundation / Practitioner

Includes APMG Foundation Certification

Facilitation is a common word used in a variety of different contexts. However, ‘being a facilitator’ for a group and ‘facilitating meetings/events’ requires key skills and a deep knowledge of the principles and concepts involved.

Consider the challenges faced in today’s busy resource-constrained working environments and ask yourself:

  • Have you ever been to an event, workshop or even a meeting where the objectives and outcomes weren’t well understood and staff walk away cynical of the value achieved?
  • Have you ever wondered how some organisations struggle to achieve timely outcomes forgetting the need for a lengthy time consuming multiple meetings?
  • Why do scheduled meetings take longer than expected?
  • How can you be sure your message has been heard?
  • How effective are you at hearing and providing feedback in your daily life?
  • How do we effectively use the skills and experience of different personalities within our team or across functional teams?
  • Ever spent time brainstorming on a whiteboard to find out you have become the owner of that element?
  • Can the meeting room hinder outcomes and group dynamics?

Tacit knowledge can certainly assist in the delivery of outcomes, however generally organisations desire a more concrete approach to delivering workshops or meeting outcomes. The likelihood that a process is not formally in-place to guide events, meetings and workshops to efficiently manage staff time is fairly high.

Facilitation then is a method of easing the way forward. It isn’t just a technique – it can be considered an art, a science and should certainly use appropriate but targeted tools.

Interview with Tony Mann, Lead Author of APMG Facilitation course


This Facilitation Certification course is based on the syllabus defined by APMG International.   Working in collaboration with Tony Mann, and using the reference book Facilitation – Building the Expertise which has been adapted to incorporate his book Facilitation – an Art, Science, Skill or All Three? and his manual Facilitation – A Manual of Models, Tools and Techniques for Effective Group Working, APMG has developed a training programme and qualification at Foundation and Practitioner level to help participants develop the necessary expertise to become accomplished at facilitation.

Tony Mann has been working in the field of facilitation for over 20 years and has developed a robust methodology that provides the structure to enable specialists and managers to be able to facilitate effectively. The Process Iceberg® methodology is being applied in a wide variety of organizations and situations and its pragmatic, practical approach has gained a wide range of adherents in the public, private and charity sectors throughout the world.

Our industry qualified best practice trainers empower course attendees to actively use the tools and techniques learnt over the 3 day training schedule and to at the same time gain an internationally-recognised certification.

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